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I am a self-taught artist, whose mission is to bring joy and fun through my art. I create digital art through my photography, painting, and coloring, transposing them to various mediums of canvas, aluminum, and paper. In my childhood, I developed an appreciation for nature’s surroundings and discovered photography. Years of artistic expression made it clear that my life would be centered on my passion for creativity. I never thought to dedicate my life to art as a full-time artist. This was something I did that made me happy, but it was when I created The Adventures of Bibi & Friends, a comic graphic novel series for Miami Beach, that my life as an artist took off. The books themselves became works of art. My photography led me to create 3D lenticular art and people begin to buy my art. I have had several curated museum shows and exhibitions and amusingly call myself the accidental artist.

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